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Salamina Saronic Gulf’s biggest island, with history reaching back to Ancient Greece, where the renowned seafight of Salamina took place in 480 bC. With more than a handful of religious sights and some of the most lively beaches close to Athens, Salamina is one of the most prominent day- cruise destinations you can find!  

Corinth Canal

At the point where the Central Greece joins Peloponnesus, in 1893 the Corinth Canal was constructed and made ​​the area an important commercial channel for Greece as well as for the whole Europe. The crossing of the canal by boat, is an experience you will never forget!  


Historic town in the Peloponnese, where in 340 BC the world famous ancient theatre of Epidaurus was built, and which still operates to this day. You can choose between busy or more quiet beaches in the area to enjoy swimming and sunbathing.


Fleves A stone’s throw from the capital, the small island Fleves is a unique opportunity to escape from the crowds as it is uninhabited. It is also an excellent diving destination because during Second World War it was a naval Fort!


Sounio At the southernmost tip of Attica, Cape Sounio, dominated by the famous ancient temple of Poseidon, which has been overlooking the sea since 444 BC when it was built by the Athenians in honour of the god of the sea Poseidon. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the sunset from the temple after […]


Hydra Extremely picturesque and cosmopolitan island of Argosaronikos, Hydra attracts both local and foreign tourists. It has important maritime history and tradition, and was the residence of great greek shipowners. On the island, where cars are not allowed, you will enjoy walks through the cobbled streets, restored mansions and the old picturesque harbour with cannons […]


Poros Arriving in the island of Poros, you will see the small traditional port with its neoclassical buildings and the famous town clock. Making your way around the island you will have the opportunity to explore the hidden beauties and discover dozens of deserted beaches.


Methana The seaside town of Methana is famous for its spas and volcano in the village of Kameni Hora. Enjoy your walk on the promenade of the city and try the hearty local dishes.


Agistri Agistri is a small island which is famous for its exotic secluded beaches. Do not miss the opportunity to swim in the crystal waters of the island and hike the trails that lead through beautiful pine trees. In town, there are dozens of restaurants and coffee shops for tourists.


Aegina The island of Aegina is the second largest in area and population island of the Saronic Gulf. In the beautiful traditional town that developed around the harbour, you can wander around the narrow streets where you will find numerous cafes, restaurants and tourist shops . During the summer months don’t forget to visit Aegina’s […]