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The undisputed queen of the Saronic Gulf is Aegina. Already since ancient times the island was reigning over the broader Saronic area in every manner. Once you arrive at the island, the bustling port greets you with a vivid mix of laid back, unimpressed locals and excited Athenians, there for the weekend. 

A favorite among the residents of the greek capital, Aegina has managed to retain the local character, despite the crowds that surge every weekend. Chic and sophisticated, this amazing destination showcases an incredible history, amazing contemporary artists who are mainly occupied with ceramics and of course a culinary tradition that is absolutely unique.

From trendy artsy cafes to traditional coffee places with locals laying backgammon, Aegina will offer you just what you want, no matter what your style is.



What can you do in Aegina?

The moment you step on board a luxury charter yacht, your world is opened to the ultimate in luxury, privacy and freedom.


Moni Aiginis

Welcome to one of the most astonishing beaches you have ever seen. Moni Aiginis is a little island right outside the coast of Aegina with absolutely no inhabitants. Well, almost. You will find here groups of peacocks, deers and little goats, so domesticated that do not be alarmed if they approach you expecting food and petting. The islet is surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters and a fascinating seabed, making it ideal for endless snorkelling.


Sand-clad and cosmopolitan, Klima is a golden stretch of sand perfectly organised with beach chairs and umbrellas to protect you from the sun. This is a perfect summer destination if you want to combine incredible scenery with every comfort that the surrounding beach bars and taverns can offer! Just chill in style and enjoy the view!

Archaeological place

Aphaia temple

One of the most well preserved temples in Greece, the temple of Aphaia over imposes a hill of Aigina, surrounded by pine trees and local plantation. It is no wonder why it is one of the most visited sites of the island as it creates the perfect image of ancient glory and untouched, verdant surroundings. The location has been a point of pilgrimage already since the bronze age, dedicated to fertility, childbirth and agriculture. The almost unknown goddess of Aphaia was worshipped mainly on the island of Aigina and was one of the most ancient deities to appear. The legend has it that she was hunted by a rapacious god and found refuge in the location, turning invisible so as to protect herself.


Agios Nektarios

The magnificent monastery of Agios Nektarios is a sight not to be missed. It is considered miraculous amongst the Greeks and for that it is one of the most frequented sites of the island. The monastery is said to have been created by St. Nektarios himself, and is one of the largest monasteries in Greece and hosts one of the largest and more beautifully adorned churches in the Balkan peninsula.

Local cuisine


There are many aspects that render Aigina a favorite amongst the Greeks and tourists alike as a summer destination. Probably one of the main ones is the sophisticated local cuisine which is unlike any other island. Since 1890 Aegina has developed the cultivation of Pistachio groves, famous internationally for the exquisite quality of their produce. The local environment is ideal for their growth and it has become so entrenched in the local culture that the locals have developed many mouth-watering delicacies, unique to Aegina. Whatever you do on this island do not omit to stock up on salted pistachio and, our very favorite, a sort of pistachio paste similar to peanut butter in texture that will up your cooking game big time.