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Explore Methana

Upon a first glance Methana may well look like a small dreamy peninsula but it is actually a volcano which emerged from the sea a very long time ago. In fact, not one, not two but 32 volcanoes lie dormant on the island! Due to its fiery nature, the landscape showcases a striking diversity and will reward you with very dramatic sights.

Methana can offer you the absolute relaxation experience as it hosts natural open air Thermal spas and natural spring waters with powerful healing properties, which will work wonders towards your well-being.


What can you do in Methana?

Initially an island, Methana became a peninsula and was connected to the eastern body of Peloponnese with a narrow isthmus, due to the numerous eruptions and earthquakes in the area thousands of years ago.


Beneath the temple

When we set sail to Sounio we always make our stop right under the temple. The dramatic cliff on top of which the temple lies spreads right above us. You get to jump off the Bounty straight into the turquoise waters as our captain prepares a delicious lunch! The majestic temples, the staggering views and the incredible energy of the location will make this swim like no other you ever had. You simply have to experience it!

Archaeological place


Yes, Methana is actually a volcanic peninsula. It hosts 32 dormant craters and it belongs to the volcanic arc of the Aegean, together with Santorini and Milos, which showed extreme volcanic activity around 250 BC. These areas, influenced by the activity, gift us, to this very day, astonishing sights and a beautifully diverse landscape.



Methana hosts a number of exquisite beaches, our very favorite of which is Limniona. This sandy beach is the most famous on the island, and for a very good reason too. Surrounded by dense plantations and pine trees that reach all the way down to the water, the scenery is truly exquisite and makes for an idyllic swim. Limniona is so picture-perfect that you will feel as if you are having your holidays within a postcard!

romantic spots

Krasopanagia Church

Few locations in Greece can make a more ideal setting for a wedding. The charming little church of Krasopanagia is built right on the tip where steep grey rocks meet the sea. This serene and dramatic sight is the very image of romance as the church offers an incredible scope of view and is certainly one of the most iconic locations in Greece for you to host your wedding.

Little islet of Methana

Connected to the main body of Methana by a narrow verdant isthmus, the little islet of Methana is simply perfect for a romantic wedding. The pebbled pathway that leads to the island is just ideal for any bride to walk down on, as the groom waits patiently in front of the single building which adorns the island, a picturesque orthodox church. If the wedding is not the occasion, the little islet is definitely worth visiting anyway!