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Explore Poros

Southwest of the saronic Gulf, almost at a swimming distance from Peloponnese, lies the picturesque island of Poros. A favourite amongst the Greeks for a weekend escape, the island is the very image of romance. The classic white and blue of the Aegean is not the style featured in Poros. 

Here you will find pastel hued houses gathered on top of a volcanic hilltop and a beautifully verdant landscape, full of pine trees and charming little villages; the very image of a picture-perfect holiday destination. 

Poros is meant for relaxation, you will not find much sightseeing to do here. But the few absolute musts on the island are truly unmissable. Poros actually consists of two smaller islands, interconnected by a narrow strip of land.


What can you do in Poros?

Romantic to the core, Poros is brim with lovely corners and charming alleyways. Stroll across the seafront boulevard gazing at the fishing boats floating lazily or immerge in the inner town amidst charming neoclassical, pastel hued houses with terracotta tiled rooftops. Soothing for the senses, Poros is the epitome of elegance.

Cultular points of interest

Citronne Gallery

If you feel like squeezing in some contemporary culture amidst your strolling, you will not be disappointed. We would suggest you pay a visit to the Citronne Gallery where you can see a selection of modern Greek artists within the charming setting of an 18th century household of islandic architecture.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is also worth visiting. Don’t worry about missing it, the Clock tower is visible from every point in Poros Town as it stands right at the highest point of the hill. It might take a bit of effort to reach it but the beautiful structure will reward you. The view spreading before you is truly breathtaking and it is a favorite spot for photographers and instagrammers alike as the sunset here is a whole new experience.

Archaeological Museun

The Archaeological Museum of Poros is also certainly worth a visit. Located in an elegant neoclassical building, the museum showcases artifacts dating from the Mycenaean to the Roman times


Monastiri beach

Poros offers a broad variety of beautiful beaches such as the marvellous Monastiri beach, developing at the foot of the Zoodochos Pigis monastery and the golden-sanded Russian beach. Our personal favorite remains the love bay. Covered in pine trees that reach all the way down to the water, this splendid bay is true to its name, it’s the very image of romance. As for the waters, you haven’t seen a colour such as this. The blue and green sea meets the sandy beach adorned with fine white pebbles. Trust us, you will fall in love.


Lemon Forest

The lemon forest of Poros is a citrus paradise. The only one of its kind in Greece, the beautiful forest is indeed a sight to be seen. In between the lemons you will see charming watermills that add to the sensational atmosphere. No matter which time of the season you visit it, whether when the trees are in full bloom or when the fruits are created,it’s an experience for the senses, the scent is incredible.