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Corinth Canal

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A monumental project of epic proportions, the Corinth Canal is certainly a sight to be seen. This engineering marvel dates back all the way to Periander, who is considered the first to have theorised the incredible task. Unable to cope with it, he soon let go of it as it was way too ambitious. Centuries later, the Roman emperor Nero undertook the monumental attempt, failing as well.

Many more centuries had to go by as the canal was finally fulfilled many years later, by the French, in the 19th century. The dramatic cut through solid rock unites the Ionian sea to the Aegean and apart from the incredible contribution it has to the easier transport of products, it provides a breathtaking sight that is indeed something to be seen.

This deep cut in the stone offers an unparalleled view making it all the more impressive due to the fact that this is a man-made work, one that flourished throughout the centuries with perseverance, effort and a lot of courage.


What can you do in Corinth?

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Ancient Corinth

Luscious and magnificent, the life of Ancient Corinth was that of incredible luxury. Before the canal was made, every passenger that wished to cross into Peloponnese had to pay entrance taxes to the city. Soon, the city became majestic, incomparably more than the other ancient cities. It is said that even the delicacies of Corinth were the most splendid ones someone could find in the ancient world.


Mystical and transient, Iraion sits right by the side of Loutraki, offering one of the most extraordinary settings of transcendent ancient grace and stunning natural beauty. The temple is dedicated to the worship of goddess Hera and is situated in a marvellous little cove of the Corinthian gulf.



None other that Aphrodite could have been the goddess overviewing this city. The goddess of love and earthly pleasures was worshipped here with numerous temples dedicated to her grace. The priestesses in the temples were known to offer pleasure to the travellers in honour of the spirit of Aphrodite.

Temple of Appollo

This Doric temple, devoted to the deity of light and music, stands as one of the rare surviving Archaic Greek Temples globally. It serves as a prominent representation of the Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth. Regarded as one of the oldest structures within the complex, its origins trace back to the 4th century BCE. Take a leisurely stroll around its surroundings to appreciate the grandeur of its monolithic columns. The vistas from the front, set against the backdrop of the mountain, are truly remarkable