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Explore Fleves

Uninhabited, untouched, and completely unspoilt by the crowds, the tiny island of Fleves is the hidden secret of the Saronic Gulf. Though the island lies a mere (xkm) east of the cosmopolitan Vouliagmeni coast and has every quality tο become the next jet setting destination, it remains uninhabited and therefore completely unspoilt by the crowds, unknown even amongst the Greeks. 

Why Fleves is such a stunning destination is easy to see upon a first visit. Crystal clear seas, a dramatic landscape with many curvaceous caves, corners and twists. But there is more here than meets the eye. The beautiful little island holds one of the most beautiful shipwrecks one could dream to find, making it the ideal destination for scuba diving. The thriving populations of underwater life will certainly give you the perfect image opportunities. 


What can you do in Salamina?

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archeological pots

Museums of Salamina

Folk Art and History Museum

If you are a fan of folk culture and heritage then the Folk Art and History Museum of Salamina is something that you should not miss! The modest museum features a broad collection of period costumes and agricultural tools, as well as local furniture that showcase the traditional craftsmanship and give you an impression of what life really was like on the island!

Archaeological Museum

One of the most charming buildings found on the island is the one hosting the beautiful Archaeological Museum of Salamina. A traditional museum, it showcases exhibits excavated across the island and has a very broad range of artifacts, starting already from the prehistoric times. Due to the famous battle of Salamina, the island has earned its name as a very important historical and cultural reference point. A visit to the Museum is certainly worth a visit, whether you are a history buff or not

Archaeological place

ancient port

The ancient port of Salamina is truly special. This is where, thousands of years ago, the ancient ships sailed from, off to fight in a battle that would remain in history as the crucial moment which halted the persian empire from developing in the west, a moment which formed Western civilization as we know it. Led by Themistocles, all the greek states of the time united in this truly epic naval battle. The remnants of the port are still visible to this very day.

ancient town

Close to the charming Kanakia community you will find the ancient town of Salamina. Recently excavated, the remnants blend with nature and showcase the traces of what an ancient Mycenaean settlement looked like.

Euripides cave

An amazing landmark to visit! The Euripides cave blends the dramatic interior of the cave, the astonishing view that surrounds it and the notion that it was there that the great author was secluded so as to create his works! Right at the foot of the cave you will find an ancient temple of Dionysus where, in posterity, both the god of wine and Euripides were worshipped.