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Explore Hydra

Upper class sophistication, some serious art collections and the very blissfulness of doing nothing at all, paint the picture-perfect of Hydra. One of the most cosmopolitan islands, Hydra is a favorite destination of the Athenians, just two hours away from the capital.

Brim with exquisite lodgings, Hydra is the perfect place to stay overnight.  Don’t expect much action on this island. Instead, what awaits you is the incomparable bliss of doing nothing at all. This is a destination for the lovers and those who want to experience the easygoing feeling of the Greek summer.

A favorite amongst many celebrities, it is here you will hear endless stories about Leonard Cohen who made it his favorite destination (there is even a street named after him on the island), Sophia Lauren called it her second home, and Henry Miller wrote here extensively. And if you happen to be a cat lover, well, this will be your pilgrimage. Just have your camera ready as the stunning scenery unfolds before you and don’t forget to check out the pharmacy from the 1890s, one of the island’s most instagrammable points.

Hydra has no sandy beaches but the rocky landscape is certain to thrill you with rocky platforms where you can practice your diving. Alternatively you can stay on board and enjoy your sun drenching session while admiring hydra from afar.


What can you do in Hydra?

Relax. You can relax in Hydra in a way that you have never relaxed before. The island is basically a time capsule back to a very simple life, one that has no place for stress, anxiety and cars. Yes, there are absolutely no cars in Hydra. Only donkeys! Just stroll around the elegant alleys, have a traditional coffee in one of the scenic coffee houses and trust the local lifestyle to work on you in no time.

cultular points of interest

Contemporary Art

Whether you are an art lover or not, do not, by no means, skip the DESTE Project Space. An old slaughterhouse turned into a hub of contemporary art by the international collector Dakis Joannou. The exhibitions interchange in the years but the quality is always exquisite. You might see works by the likes of Jeff Koons and Maurizio Cattelan who have exhibited here in the past.


Visit the cannons of Hydra. The bastions with the cannons were once used to protect the island against the enemies but now remain as a beautiful and scenic setting, ideal to watch the sunset.


The Historical Archives museum of Hydra could also attract your interest. The exhibits include manuscripts from the era of the Greek revolution, maps and naval instruments.


Broad variety

What Hydra lacks in long sandy beaches, it makes up for it with hidden little gems such as the scenic coastal settlement of Vlychos and the secluded Limnioniza pebbled beach. Our very own choice for swimming though, lies a bit further from Hydra. A secret even amongst the locals, the islet of Dokos is a hidden paradise.The little island conceals a fascinating secret deep down within its core. The most ancient known shipwreck lies under the crystal clear waters of Dokos, dating back to 2500BC. Honestly, we cannot think of a better setting for scuba diving.

Agios Nikolaos

One more Bounty favorite is the beach of Agios Nikolaos, located on the west side of the island. This deserted pebbled beach is difficult to reach and has therefore remained completely intact from the crowds. No need for goggles. The waters are so clear that you can see clearly the bottom of the sea. Named after the charming little church located just a few meters by the sea, this gem of a beach presents sparkling turquoise waters and is surrounded by dense pine trees. This deserted pebbled beach is approachable only by boat, retaining the untouched, dreamy nature of the landscape.



Although the island is greatly cosmopolitan, it has retained the natural beauty of the landscape completely unaffected by tourism. Therefore, if you are a fan of hiking, Hydra will offer you many exciting paths to explore. Feel free to ask us for instructions!