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Explore Agistri

Once you set foot at Agistri, the first thing that greets you is the signature song of the greek summer; the singing of the cicadas. Blend that with the refreshing smell of the pine trees which cover the island from coast to coast and you will have the very epitome of the Greek summer, as only Agistri can deliver.

Despite being a rather popular destination among the Athenians, Agistri managed to remain untouched, retaining a charm and elegance that will travel you back in time. Home to some of the most idyllic beaches that the Saronic Gulf can offer, the little island is full of surprises.


What can you do in Agistri?

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Metochi village

Agistri boasts numerous scenic corners with characteristic islandic charm. Metochi, a little village overlooking the Saronic gulf is nestled on top of a verdant hill and is home to some of the oldest and most charming residences of the typical islandic architecture. If you are a fan of long walks and perhaps a bit of hiking, the village will reward you with lovely sights and of course a staggering view.



While Agistri has no shortage of incredible beaches, here too we have our favorites. First and foremost your very own private island of Aponissos. This small paradise island has a caribbean-like feeling. The waters are sparkling clear with dashing shades of bright blue, so transparent that you would have no use for goggles should you wish to explore the bottom of the sea. Trust us when we say, you haven’t seen a colour such as this.


One more hidden islet, a secret even amongst the Greeks is the deserted island of Metopi. Metopi is almost completely empty of vegetation offering a moon-like scenery of dramatic beauty. But what is incomparable is the beauty of its waters. The shores are covered in fine white sand while the waters have an incredible blue-green colour. This dashing beauty remains unspoilt by any sort of tourism, retaining a raw charm known mostly amongst sea turtles which visit the islet to lay their eggs.



The bliss and beauty that Agistri has to offer comes from the exquisite grace of its nature. The island is brim with pine trees and is one of the most verdant destinations in the Argosaronic sea. We highly recommend exploring this lush destination either by hiking or biking so you can get a fuller impression of its scenic corners. Feel free to ask us for directions, we will be more than happy to assist!