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Bring together more than 2500 of dramatic history, arguably one of the most important battles ever fought on European grounds, and some of the most stunning views Greece has to offer and the result is Salamina, without a doubt. The largest island in the Saronic Gulf offers many reasons to visit it. The name of Salamina was actually the name of the nymph salamis, one of the five daughters of the river Asopos.

The name translates as sal and amis which means amidst the salt, so therefore an island that sprouts right between the sea. Salamis is quite a popular destination for the Athenians and there are many reasons for that. The quality of fresh fish on the island is exquisite and you will find many beautiful little taverns and traditional restaurants to indulge.

Salamis island is most commonly known for one of the most intense and epic battles ever fought on the european grounds. In fact, many historians claim that it was here that the western civilisation as we know it was forged due to the victory of the Greeks against the Persians. The story is so well known and vivid that you can almost see it unfolding in front of your eyes, as you admire the scenic beauty that the island has to offer.


What can you do in Salamina?

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Museums of Salamina

Folk Art and History Museum

If you are a fan of folk culture and heritage then the Folk Art and History Museum of Salamina is something that you should not miss! The modest museum features a broad collection of period costumes and agricultural tools, as well as local furniture that showcase the traditional craftsmanship and give you an impression of what life really was like on the island!

Archaeological Museum

One of the most charming buildings found on the island is the one hosting the beautiful Archaeological Museum of Salamina. A traditional museum, it showcases exhibits excavated across the island and has a very broad range of artifacts, starting already from the prehistoric times. Due to the famous battle of Salamina, the island has earned its name as a very important historical and cultural reference point. A visit to the Museum is certainly worth a visit, whether you are a history buff or not

Archaeological place

ancient port

The ancient port of Salamina is truly special. This is where, thousands of years ago, the ancient ships sailed from, off to fight in a battle that would remain in history as the crucial moment which halted the persian empire from developing in the west, a moment which formed Western civilization as we know it. Led by Themistocles, all the greek states of the time united in this truly epic naval battle. The remnants of the port are still visible to this very day.

ancient town

Close to the charming Kanakia community you will find the ancient town of Salamina. Recently excavated, the remnants blend with nature and showcase the traces of what an ancient Mycenaean settlement looked like.

Euripides cave

An amazing landmark to visit! The Euripides cave blends the dramatic interior of the cave, the astonishing view that surrounds it and the notion that it was there that the great author was secluded so as to create his works! Right at the foot of the cave you will find an ancient temple of Dionysus where, in posterity, both the god of wine and Euripides were worshipped.


Agia Faneromeni

Perfectly preserved, the Convent of Agia Faneromeni is renowned across Greece for its beauty. In the tradition of the monastery, St Laurentius found an icon of Virgin Mary and to her honour raised the monastery. This stunning stone-clad convent attracts many believers and tourists alike. The frescoes which adorn the interior date back to the 18th century and are truly a sublime work of art.

house of Aggelos Sikelianos

Within a very close distance to the convent you will find the house of Aggelos Sikelianos. One of the most important Greek poets, Sikelianos was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature. The house is beautifully preserved in the very traditional islandic aesthetic and it holds many of the poet’s personal belongings.


ancient port

Salamina boasts many beautiful beaches, such as Psili Ammos and Vasilika. Nevertheless, our preferred swimming point is without a doubt Peristeria. Secluded from the bustling crowds of the island, the charming little bay is a dream of turquoise waters and dramatic scenery. Jump off the Bounty straight into the water or enjoy some long sessions of sun-drenching on the deck! Peristeria is not an organised beach and thus it has an absolutely unspoilt feeling, completely secluded by the crowds!